Vitar Protein

Vitar Protein - a product of proven effectiveness.


Vitar Protein - a product of proven effectiveness.

Muscle Clinic Vitar Protein is a powerful dose of energy derived from a complex of long-chain carbohydrates and protein. Vitar Protein is a high-quality fuel that ensures a rapid response of the body subjected to intense exercise.

The supplement formula contains specially processed waxed corn starch

Vitar Protein is an ideal source of energy for the working body - the number 1 supplement among carbo nutrients. This product was created for active people, regularly undertaking workouts, figure athletes, strength athletes, endurance athletes and more! not only!

Thanks to its rich composition, Vitar Protein supplement is perfect as a product replenishing energy losses after finished exercises. Consumption of the cocktail carbohydrate-protein shake has a positive effect on workout performance. With us you will stimulate your body, regenerate working muscles and replenish the reserves of glucose-built muscle glycogen. Muscle Clinic Vitar Protein is a dietary supplement in the form of a powder to be consumed when mixed with the appropriate amount of water. It is a product recommended for all physically active people, especially those who train regularly and focus on providing valuable nutrients along with the diet.

Do you train regularly? Or are you just preparing for a competition? We know how to support an intensively working body in the gym, especially after a long and exhausting workout. Muscle Clinic Vitar Protein is a perfectly digestible supplement formula that replenishes carbohydrate and protein losses.

Looking for a high-quality saccharide product? The high molecular weight and low osmolality of the supplement contributes to higher performance parameters (increased rate of muscle glycogen synthesis and storage). With us you will replenish and increase glycogen stores, improve your athletic performance and take care of the correct quality of exercise.

By introducing Vitar Protein into your nutrition plan, you gain a product with a lower glycemic index than other commercially available supplements offered in this category. What does this mean for the user?

A lower glycemic index is less likely to increase blood glucose levels and does not cause large fluctuations in blood glucose. Normalization of blood sugar levels is directly related to reduced insulin secretion, which, if over-stimulated after consuming products with a high glycemic index, can lead to lipid disorders and sugar deposition in the form of fat in adipose tissue.

Moreover, with Vitar Protein you have a choice! The product is available in three delicious flavors: Banana, Orange and Strawberry.

Carbohydrates (waxy corn starch)

Carbohydrates (sugars) are energy components necessary for health and proper functioning of the body. Their metabolism involves, among other things, storing carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in the muscles, liver and kidneys. From a sports perspective, it is glycogen that is the most valuable fuel for those who train regularly. If you want to get better results, you need to ensure a sufficiently high supply of this component.

Carbohydrate supplementation is an ideal solution for those who care about a proper diet. Thanks to an optimal amount of carbohydrates - and thus glycogen - active people reduce fatigue and more quickly recharge the body subjected to intense exercise. Waxy (high-amylopectin) corn starch is one of the best starch products, and the amylopectin (a branched polymer of D-glucose) that it contains is characterized by a medium molecular weight. What does this give the consumer? The molecular weight of the consumed carbohydrate translates into specific properties including, first and foremost, the rate of digestion in the digestive tract and replenishment of muscle glycogen (conversion of substrate into fuel). A complex of long-chain carbohydrates guarantees storage of suffciently high glycogen reserves for working muscles.

 Nutrition Facts  Pro 100g  Pro 50g (one sevring) 
 Energy Value 387 kcal/1643 kJ   193 kcal/820 kJ


- including saturated fatty acids






 - including sugar





 Protein 25,66g 12,83g
 Salt 0,04g 0,02g

 Vitamin C



93 ng




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Vitar Protein

Vitar Protein - a product of proven effectiveness.

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