Muscle Clinic is a synonym of strength. We are a solid brand, a valued brand, a partner of many of you: in training rooms, gyms, treadmills, courts, pools and mats - a partner you can trust 100%. We are a manufacturer of dietary supplements, a dynamically developing company which has been focusing on health and supplementation for over 10 years. Its founder is Gerard Krawczyk, a nutritional supplements enthusiast and creator of a healthy trend. What sets us apart from the competition is the sincerity that gives us power, intensifies our actions, which we value especially in ourselves. Our supplements were created for everyone who wants to be healthy.

To, co nas wyróżnia na tle konkurencji to szczerość, która daje nam moc, intensyfikuje nasze działania, którą cenimy sobie zwłaszcza u samych siebie. Nasze suplementy zostały stworzone dla każdego, kto chce być zdrowy.


How we got to where we are shows that we are constantly reaching our goals and setting new ones. Our plans and realizations are in line with the idea of "supplements for Everyone who wants to be healthy.


The plan is: to be where you are, to respond to your needs, to take care of your health, to celebrate your successes.We want to be in every training bag. We want to be "in the news", because we know that dietary supplements have been a hot topic in the world of professional and amateur athletes and health-conscious people for years. We attach great importance to building our own identity - without pretense, without chemistry. We want chemistry to come only between you and our supplements, which is why we believe we will be a world leader in every market we serve. Our products are already, but will continue to be sought after for their attractive design, superior quality and best value.


We are in constant contact with our customers, business partners and co-workers - the people who have been creating the shared values of Muscle Clinic for years. We provide a constant level of communication, responding to any issues that allow us to meet your expectations. We are close to our users and contractors, creating networking and social networks. We have channels on Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube. We develop not only in the virtual world. We keep track of new developments in the dietary supplement industry and maintain a high level of knowledge, which we share with consumers and business customers.


In the market of dietary supplements we are distinguished by family tradition, whose value and heritage is unattainable for many companies. We function according to established assumptions, thanks to which we better adjust our assortment to the needs of users. We create a harmonious team, whose constant composition translates into efficiency and effectiveness of work. Our team consists of people with passion, commitment and belief in the idea, which has been guiding Muscle Clinic for years: supplements are for everyone who wants to be healthy. Let's be honest - success is created by people: co-workers, customers, contractors. Welcome on board!


We offer products dedicated to athletes of different disciplines, in every type of activity. Our customers are people exercising at different levels of intensity, caring for their well-being. Muscle Clinic nutrition is not just a simple supplementation, but taking care of every aspect of nutrition. We assume that personal, past experiences play a key role in acquiring needs. Our customers appreciate our distinctive features that allow them to achieve their goals and taste preferences. We offer high quality products with well-thought-out, concentrated formulas. We know that one of the reasons why you reach for supplements is the need for achievement - that's why for years we have been following our users motivations and doing everything to make our work more effective and achievement of goals and tasks more accessible. We follow trends, but at the core of Muscle Clinic is the overriding concern for our customers and their health - we don't forget that you are the most important!


Our products deserve to be called the best of the best. For years we have been showing up wherever we can maximize our value - our experience, strategy and skills are the strong point of Muscle Clinic. For years we have been motivating users to achieve their goals - we offer professional support and share many years of experience on the dietary supplement market. Positive feedback and good opinions about our products for years show us that what we do makes a lot of sense - We follow it and add to this valuable experience every day.