Testo2, 210 caps.

Testo2 a testosterone booster with proven effectiveness. 


Muscle Clinic Testo2 a testosterone booster with proven effectiveness. 

Testo2 is a product created for men who care about the proper functioning of their body.

Thanks to the selected composition of ingredients active, our booster has a positive effect on the level of natural testosterone, improves training results thanks to faster reduction of body fat and increase in muscle mass.

The role of Testo2 is to stimulate the body to increase the production of the male hormone accelerating the process of building muscle mass and maximizing muscle strength and endurance. The proven effectiveness of our product is based on charities properties of the active ingredients contained in the booster and their synergistic effect maximizing the effects.

By choosing our product, you can be sure that you have a long-term effect on your constantly working body. Stimulating the production of testosterone thanks to supplementation makes its satisfactory amount stay in the blood for a long time. Testo2 is a strong testosterone booster developed by Muscle Clinic and designed by nutrition and supplementation specialists.

This preparation will allow you to maintain the most important physiological processes for life and health in a state of balance.

Remember that testosterone not only improves athletic performance by increasing muscle strength and endurance, but also affects sexual activity, libido, cognitive functions and general well-being.

What do you gain by choosing Testo2?

The increased level of testosterone in the body has a number of positive eects for the user. Testo2 contributes to the growth of muscle mass, acceleration of body regeneration processes and improvement of sexual performance in men.

Athletes and physically active people know that the training result is unquestionably linked to a high level of testosterone in the body. The answer to the needs of these people is the potential of supplementation.

The composition of Testo2 has been prepared for people who want to support physical effort and supplement the shortage of valuable, so-called. male hormone, the level of which gradually decreases after reaching a certain age.

 Nutrition Facts  Pro 8 caps. (one serving)   Pro 1 caps. 

 Pro 100 g

 Energy Value  8,4 kcal/32,2 kJ  1,4 kcal/5,9 kJ  165,4 kcal/696,7 kJ
 Zinc  19,2 mg/192% RWS*

2,4 mg-24% RWS*

0,28 g

 Tribulus terrestris 

- including steroid saponin



263 mg 

213 mg

32,8 g

26,6 g

 D-aspartic acid (DAA) 2,1g 263mg 32,6 g
 AAKG 1g 125mg 15,6g


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Testo2, 210 caps.

Testo2 a testosterone booster with proven effectiveness. 

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